Barc For Pets

15 September 2022

Barc For Pets provides boutique pet care services and is an online e-commerce destination that celebrates the timeless relationship between people and their companions.

Barc For Pets offer a unique and personalised experience tailored to each and every individual fur family. They offer a comprehensive curation of services designed to enrich and enhance your pet’s wellbeing for both daytime and overnight services. Consider them a second family to your pets, a trusted team that you can rely on all year round.

Co-Founders Rebecca and Marc established Barc for Pets in 2016, with a vision of innovating the pet industry as we know it by providing personalised and loving pet care tailored to each animals’ unique needs.

If you are planning a family holiday away or work long hours and just need some extra help with your pets, Barc for Pets is here for you.

Barc For Pets is supported by COG Branding with brand, design, marketing and digital services. COG Branding is an independent brand, marketing and technology agency located in Sydney, Australia. They operate as a technology and small business consultancy and provide typical brand and marketing agency services. The COG Branding group has a key focus to ensure Australian small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increase their rates of survival, growth and performance. COG Branding believe it’s their mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.