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Search Service excels in the realm of social media marketing, enabling seamless connections between businesses and their target audiences, ultimately generating valuable conversions. Equipped with extensive knowledge of current social media trends and utilizing cutting-edge tools, we craft impactful strategies that elevate your brand’s presence and propel business growth.

Social Media Marketing Packages designed specifically for your needs!

All Search Service social media marketing services include a dedicated account manager, ad spend, professional copywriting services, ad management, access to our reporting dashboard and so much more.

Your social media marketing needs to be as unique as your business. For instance, a plumbing business may be better targeting users on Facebook, while a hairdresser may find better success on Facebook and Instagram.

This is why our Search Service social media marketing packages are customised to your business. Only want to run ads on Facebook? No problem. Want to be found on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger? Our social ads specialists have got your back.

All you need to do is get in touch for a free social media business audit, and we’ll recommend the best services for your budget and goals. Let’s grow your business on social!

Why should I use Facebook Ads instead of boosting posts?

Many people believe boosting posts is the best way to get more customers via social media. But in fact, you’re only achieving what is known as a vanity metric.
Boosting Facebook posts is quick, easy and puts your business in front of a lot of people. But it also doesn’t have specific enough targeting and isn’t helping you grow your business. You’re fishing for a marlin in a pond of tadpoles, so to speak.

Facebook Ads guarantee the right people will be seeing what you do or sell. Your only problem is sparing the time to learn how to use the platform, create ads and optimise them correctly. But we have an answer for that too!

Our Australian-based social media experts can do it all for you. And, to ensure you know it’s a worthwhile investment, you’ll receive access to a live reporting dashboard and monthly progress updates.

Here's what happens after you click Get Started...

1. One of our local specialists will organise your custom quote.

Your local specialist will be in touch with you to customise your quote based on your business and needs. Then, it’s over to our head office to get your Facebook Ads created and running.

2. Your social account manager will be in touch.

Once you’ve selected your package, your account manager will be in touch with you to walk you the process, answer any questions and learn more about your business.

3. You'll receive access to the dashboard once ads are live.

Our team will now source your images, write copy and optimise your ad campaigns. You’ll receive a ‘live’ link to view your ads before they’re published, as well as access to live reporting.

The top 6 essentials every social media marketing campaign needs:

1. Quality, proofread social media ad copy.

To make the most of Facebook and Instagram ads, it's important to create copy that strikes the right balance between being social and professional. You want to avoid coming across as too pushy or using overly specific language that doesn't resonate with your audience. A skilled copywriter, like the one offered in a Search Service social package, can be an invaluable resource in helping you craft ad copy that truly connects with your target market.

2. Variety of copy and images for testing.

Performing regular testing is an essential component for a successful social media campaign. By gradually making alterations to your ad copy and images and gauging the audience's response, you can determine what resonates best with them and subsequently optimize future ads. A/B testing, a highly effective testing method, is incorporated in all of our packages, enabling you to fine-tune your campaigns for optimal results.

3. Specific audience targeting.

The Facebook Ads platform provides the ability to meticulously target your desired audience. This includes the option to display ads exclusively to individuals who resemble a list of your existing customers. If you are unsure how to implement this feature, we can lend a hand in guiding you through the process.

4. Adherence to best practices and guidelines.

There's nothing more frustrating than dedicating time to crafting ad copy, selecting images, and creating a campaign only to have it declined by Facebook. Even minor issues like excessive skin or text in an image can result in disapproval. Fortunately, our team of social media specialists are well-versed in the tips and tricks required to avoid such pitfalls, ensuring your campaign is approved and ready to go live.

5. Accurate reporting with knowledge of how to read it.

Facebook Ads provides a wealth of analytics data, but understanding and interpreting this information can be challenging. The crucial aspect of using this data effectively is to optimize your next campaign based on the results of the previous one. Unfortunately, this can be daunting if you're not familiar with the jargon and intricacies involved. That's where we come in. At Search Service, we have experts who can help you navigate through the data, providing you with insights and recommendations that will enable you to optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

6. Effective destination URLS/website/landing page.

Congratulations! Someone has viewed your ad and expressed interest in your business. However, if they do not make contact with you, it is possible that your website could be the culprit. Even small details can turn potential customers off. Did we mention that we can assist with website design and development as well? Our team of experts can help optimize your website to ensure that visitors have a seamless and enjoyable experience, resulting in a higher likelihood of converting them into satisfied customers.

Search Service Social Media Marketing Package Inclusions

Every social media package is customised to your needs and includes:

A set number of Facebook, Instagram and/or Messenger campaigns and ad variations a month.
Access to a live reporting dashboard to see how your ads are performing, plus monthly reporting.
Creation of your Facebook business page, if needed.
Ad A/B testing to ensure the right method is being used for your target audience.

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