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Everything you hear about search engine marketing can be true—expensive, doesn’t work, too difficult to use. As a Google Premier Partner with more than 25 years’ experience in Australia, Search Service makes SEM cost effective, valuable, easy and completely stress free. Find out how.

How do you use search engine marketing in your business?

Determining the best website builder for your business depends on a variety of factors, including the specific functionality and design requirements of your site. While WordPress is an excellent option for those seeking complete design and functionality freedom, it may not be necessary for all businesses.

For those with simpler needs, switching to a more streamlined platform can help reduce costs while still providing the necessary features to establish your online presence, gain trust, and connect with your audience.

At Search Service, our team of design and development experts utilizes both WordPress and the Search Service Website Builder to accommodate diverse needs and budgets. Regardless of the platform you choose, we ensure that your site is search engine optimized, provides content assistance, and incorporates all the necessary features to help your business succeed online.

Are search engine marketing and SEO the same thing?

Search engine optimisation(SEO) focuses on improving your organic search results, while search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid ads to increase traffic.

Businesses often question the need for investing in search engine marketing (SEM) if their search engine optimization (SEO) is already effective. However, SEM offers a unique advantage by placing your business exactly where you want it to be, unlike SEO, which cannot guarantee placement. Although both strategies aim to increase website traffic, they each have their distinct advantages and can work in tandem to achieve optimal results.

At Search Service, we offer a complete digital marketing service that enables you to align your SEO and SEM strategies for maximum effectiveness. Our team of experts can help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan that leverages the strengths of both strategies, ensuring that your investment yields the highest possible return.

How do I know if my search engine marketing is working?

Accurate reporting is essential in determining the effectiveness of your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. Unfortunately, if customers cannot recall how they initially discovered and contacted your business, it can be challenging to gauge the success of your SEM campaign.

Google Ads insights can be complex, with a multitude of windows and acronyms to navigate. Even then, the data may not always add up. That’s where Search Service’s search engine marketing services come in. We combine the power of reporting with call tracking, providing you with a comprehensive view of your campaign’s performance. By assigning a unique call tracking number to your ads, we record and monitor every call generated by your campaign.

You can then review the recordings to identify areas of your sales funnel that require optimization, ensuring that you get the most out of your SEM investment.

How much does Google Ads cost?

One of the best part about Google Ads and other SEM platforms is the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) method, where, you guessed it, you only pay when someone clicks.

That’s right! You only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it to visit your website or contact you. But how much do you pay? 

SEM works on a bidding system. Essentially, every time someone types something into a search engine that matches a keyword you’re bidding on, you enter the search engine’s ad auction. How much you pay for your ads will then be impacted by how many competitors are also bidding on that keyword at that time, the relevance of the keyword to what you’re offering, the quality of your website and the relevance of your ad to the searcher.

Your industry, product or service and the location you’re targeting will impact how much you pay. 

This is where our search engine marketing specialists’ talent come into play. They will analyse data and optimise your ad account so all the different impacts of a winning bid will improve. This then decreases the amount you pay per bid, in turn creating a better return on investment. Your allocated budget will be utilised in the most cost efficient way to ensure you receive more bang for your buck—amongst all the other benefits.

Here's what happens after you click Get Started...

1. Your local specialist will be in touch to arrange your custom quote.

Your search engine marketing package will be custom made between you and your local Google-certified specialist. Then, it’s time for our head office to get your ads underway.

2. You'll receive a welcome call from your account manager.

Once you’ve selected your package, you’ll receive a call from your SEM account manager. They’ll walk you through the process, learn about your business, answer any questions and be there for ongoing support.

3. Your monthly report will tell you how your Google Ads are going.

Before your ads go out, you’ll be asked to approve then. When we have your okay, it’s go time! Then, you’ll receive easy-to-read-and-understand monthly reports to show how we’re helping you grow your business.

The top 9 essentials for a successful SEM campaign:

1. An optimised landing page/website.

Your Google Ads campaigns could do everything to the letter, but if your website isn’t quite right, you could be losing a lot of customers. It can also impact how much you pay for your ads and their position. Lucky we’re a complete digital marketing service so we can help you with both.

2. Call tracking.

Are your Google Ads receiving plenty of views, even enquiries, but you’re still not seeing an increase in business? By tracking calls initiated by an ad viewer, you can hear exactly what’s going wrong. Ask us how to get Google Ads call tracking on your campaigns!

3. Irresistible copy and call to actions.

There is a science to writing good search engine ad copy. It needs to scream, “CLICK ON ME,” without being too salesy and needs to get across what you have to say in a very short number of characters. A trained Google Ads copy writer (like our in-house team) can help you get it right.

4. Ad extensions.

Google Ads don’t give you a lot of room to say what you need to share with the world. Ad extensions essentially give you more space to share links, contact information and other information to get your ads more attention.

5. Customised conversion reporting.

For your Google Ads to be effective, you need to know exactly how far people are getting before becoming a customer or dropping off. Conversion reporting lets you see if it’s your Google Ads that need improvement, or maybe something else, like your website.

6. A/B testing.

Split, or A/B, testing, is where you run two different variations of the same ad. Then, you see which ad people respond better to. It’s key to only have small differences to ensure you know what exactly people prefer. All Search Service SEM packages include A/B testing.

7. Competitor keyword analysis.

Are you one of many in your industry in your area? Chances are, all your competitors are championing for the same online searches as you. By using competitor keyword analysis, we can see where they are and create a strategy for gaining you the most traction.

8. Effective audience targeting.

Would you be more likely to run toy ads on TV during cartoon time or the nightly news? The same goes for Google Ads. Thanks to Google logging pretty much everything we do, businesses can help put their ads in front of the most relevant audiences, who will be most interested to buy. We can help you do this.

9. Reputation management.

While one or two negative reviews won’t do much, having too many (especially with no responses), will influence people greatly. So, if you’re not focused on customer happiness and replying to negative reviews, maybe start there first.

Search Service SEM Package Inclusions

To help you get the most from your PPC campaign, every package includes:

Call and conversion tracking of leads from your ads.
Customised monthly performance reports.
Ongoing A/B testing for future success of your ads.
Australian-based campaign managers for support.

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