Charles Douglas & Associates Group

31 August 2022

When times are difficult some people watch, some say what just happened, and some make good times happen.  A saying we read many years ago and is one of our hallmarks of service……

“Within every problem lies hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem.”  Joseph Sugarman

From Not-for-Profits, Charities and Businesses…….whether cashflow is beginning to tighten or traditional sources of revenue or income have diminished, it can prove to be a powerful catalyst for greater opportunities.  Charles Douglas can assist to uncover those opportunities.  These opportunities don’t generally live on the surface to be discovered.  A little drilling or digging down is usually all it takes. Call them on 0488 533 777 and Francis will discuss how or if we could be of service.

Charles Douglas & Associates Group is supported by COG Branding with brand, design, marketing and digital services. COG Branding is an independent brand, marketing and technology agency located in Sydney, Australia. They operate as a technology and small business consultancy and provide typical brand and marketing agency services. The COG Branding group has a key focus to ensure Australian small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increase their rates of survival, growth and performance. COG Branding believe it’s their mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.