Composites Fibreglass International

23 September 2022

Composites Fibreglass International is a privately owned and operated company, they source raw materials globally through our network of trusted and prestigious suppliers to bring specialised products and the latest technologies to our customers.

Composites Fibreglass International have been operating in the Asia region and with global suppliers for over 50 years. They have a strong network of professional minded people who are as devoted to the composites market as they are.


Composites Fibreglass International has grown to be what it is today from key staff members beginning life in the composites markets as far back as over 50 years ago. The company started formally as NCS Resins, and after 7 years, became NCS Composites Australia.

Now in 2022, they have moved to make ourselves more independent as a composites company and have begun the journey as Composites Fibreglass International. They will continue to grow, develop and offer new and innovative technology and processes. Their team is fully committed to the next 50 years old.

Composites Fibreglass International is supported by COG Branding with brand, design, marketing and digital services. COG Branding is an independent brand, marketing and technology agency located in Sydney, Australia. They operate as a technology and small business consultancy and provide typical brand and marketing agency services. The COG Branding group has a key focus to ensure Australian small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increase their rates of survival, growth and performance. COG Branding believe it’s their mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.