National BIM

16 November 2022

Who We Are

For over 25 years, National BIM has been recognised for its dedication of leveraging the expertise and experience of its masterful team of AEC professionals. National BIM goal is an end-to-end BIM solutions agency that is dedicated to helping the professionals in the world of construction to augment their building projects.

To do this, They leverage their professional skills to provide your building project with a 3D render of the physical and functional features of your project. In essence, we show you what your project will look like and what it will act like. This effectively allows you to pinpoint planning information and set visual expectations before the project begins, and even after its completion.

National BIM goal as a multidisciplinary team of seasoned architects, designers, engineers, developers, and AEC experts is to use their combined skills, expertise, and technology to help our partners revolutionise their construction projects. To this effect, we offer a wide range of BIM solutions that include: Industrial Design BIM, Architectural BIM, Structural BIM, Facade BIM, Clash Detection and Coordination, Steel Detailing, Revit Family Creation, Scan to BIM, AS Built Modelling, and Revit Modelling services.

Building Information Modelling Services

At National BIM, they believe that BIM is the future of the construction industry. It is the key to augmenting building projects for greater efficiency. For this purpose, they provide a powerful combination of BIM solutions to AEC companies of all sizes for all projects of all complexities. This combination includes the following services.

Industrial BIM Design Services

National BIM provide Piping, Mechanical, Structural, and Modular Process Units solutions to our clients’ industrial construction project needs. National BIM’s industrial design BIM services uses a unique mix of expertise, technology, and 4 BIM sub-solutions to deliver a wide range of industrial projects for clients.

Architectural BIM Services 

National BIM Architectural BIM Services involves offering Exterior Architectural BIM Modelling, 3D Floor Plans, and CAD to BIM Conversion Services to clients for their residential, commercial, infrastructural, educational, and industrial projects. National BIM Architectural BIM Services to help clients create 3D BIM models from sketches, drawings, or point cloud data, and in line with their clients’ LOD.

Structural BIM Services

Inclusive in this service National BIM Structural 3D Modelling, Structural Shop Drawings, Precast Panel Detailing, Structural Quantity take-off, BIM for Infrastructure and Civil, LOD, and COBie Services. At National BIM, they leverage the skills and experience of their expert team of steel detailers, structural BIM modelers, and structural BIM engineers to help clients work on and successfully complete working on their complex and detailed structural projects.

Facade BIM Services

National BIM Facade BIM Services is one major part of their services. It involves providing BIM model designs for the exterior of their clients’ construction projects. From high-rise buildings to shopping malls, and commercial buildings, National BIM dedicated team of Facade experts possess both the skill and experience to design Facade BIM models for even the most complex buildings. Under this service category, they provide Exterior Architectural BIM Modelling, and Scan to BIM solutions.

Clash Detection And Coordination Services

National BIM use advanced Autodesk Navisworks coordination software to provide BIM clash detection and coordination services for construction companies. Their clash detection and coordination services allow National BIM clients to pinpoint and resolve possible coordination conflicts before any construction work starts on the project. This effectively helps their clients eliminate rework while saving time, building cost, and labour.

Steel Detailing Services

In National BIM’s Steel Detailing service, their team of seasoned steel detailers use their skills, along with cutting-edge technology to make their clients’ designs constructible. This service includes Structural Steel Detailing, Structural Shop Drawings, Rebar Detailing, and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing services. This service has the aim to effectively de-risk the project, eliminate rework, and save time and building cost.

Revit Family Creation Services

National BIM use Revit Family Creation Services to create a Revit family library of mechanical components that ensures that all changes to a family type are instantly updated and reflected. This helps project owners streamline their BIM model for the entire project.

Point Cloud Scan To BIM Services

In National BIM Scan to BIM Services, they utilise non-destructive reality capture technique, along with cutting-edge point cloud to BIM technology to capture the precise coordinates of a building’s geometry and use it to create an accurate Revit As-Built 3D model replica of the building. This helps add value to their clients’ residential, commercial, or industrial building projects during restoration or reconstruction.

As-Built Modelling Services

National BIM’s team of professionals use leading-edge technologies and reality capture techniques to create the exact 3D BIM model replica of an already existing building.

Revit Modelling Services

National BIM Revit Modelling Services, led by our multidisciplinary team, to streamline their clients’ project coordination, detect clashes, extract construction documentation, and ensure quality project takeoffs. This service is invaluable to the transition of architectural firms, builders and owners from CAD to BIM.

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