Who We Are

Lifehackers Institute is a team of highly motivated experts, dedicated to providing groundbreaking, data-driven solutions that foster ecosystem-shifting transformations. Our work draws from an eclectic blend of complexity theory, process-oriented psychology, somatic experiencing, data science, complex systems thinking, and emergent leadership.

We optimize talent, interactions, experiences, psychology, and organizational/group relationships to dispel the limiting ‘silo haze’ and pave the way for individual and group coherence. Our socially innovative solutions cater to individual, small or large group transformation needs.

Stellar Positive Behaviour Support Plans

As Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners, we utilize a variety of heartfelt, verbal, observed, written, and numerical data to understand the purpose of the behavior. We then use this information to create customized Positive Behaviour Support Plans designed to inspire readers to better understand the participant and their behavior. Our plans also cater to the reporting needs of the NDIS with professional numerical data analyses completed by statisticians to evaluate the success of the intervention.

Collaborative Implementations

We prioritize perfecting the implementation of our plans, as that is where the magic happens. We believe in regular communication, in-person visits, ecosystem-adapted training, and a flexible, collaborative attitude to continually refine strategies until they work just right.

What is Holistic Psychology?

Our hand-picked process-oriented psychotherapists understand that we do not exist in isolation, and that our issues stem from multiple factors. They are compassionate and able to hold transformational space while treating the system and not just the symptoms. This approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of pressing issues and enables our clients to find wisdom in their experiences.