Streamwise D.I.™

15 September 2022

Streamwise D.I.™ is transitioning from an innovative and inspiring start-up to a solid company with proven technologies, a solid reputation and an exciting future. They are a growing team, with many of their employees with us from the beginning. Streamwise D.I.™ skill-set spans a diverse mix of industry veterans and passionate young professionals including software developers, chemical, electrical, mechanical and mechatronic engineers and data scientists.

Our Purpose

The Streamwise D.I.™ technology addresses five United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, namely:

  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Industry, Innovations and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumptions and Production
  • Climate Action

Globally, around 80% of wastewater is returned to the environment without being adequately treated. In Australia and other developed nations, industrial water users need to comply with strict standards and to demonstrate compliance with regulators.

The overwhelming majority of industrial water users globally have inefficient and expensive wastewater treatment operations. These inefficiencies lead to poor compliance outcomes, expensive maintenance, and overuse of environmentally damaging chemicals.

Using Streamwise D.I.™ you can improve the way wastewater is treated and returned to our environment.

Streamwise D.I.™ is supported by COG Branding with brand, design, marketing and digital services. COG Branding is an independent brand, marketing and technology agency located in Sydney, Australia. They operate as a technology and small business consultancy and provide typical brand and marketing agency services. The COG Branding group has a key focus to ensure Australian small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increase their rates of survival, growth and performance. COG Branding believe it’s their mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.